The Healthcare System creating addicts

As a registered nurse everyday I see where there are addicts created within the healthcare system. I have met so many patients who were not always addicts but have now become addicts.

My inspiration came after meeting a young man that I was caring for.  Here is his  story. This patient is an ex-military and a nurse who once held a very prominent position as a registered nurse for a great teaching hospital. This patient was admitted because he had chest pain, received morphine for the pain, also his alcohol level was extremely elevated. He is a married man with two children and his wife is a teacher. At present he is going through a divorce.  After admitting the patient and getting to know him, he spoke about the time he was in the army and got injured and was  treated with opioids regularly for pain  this caused him to become addicted to opioids, his drinking began way before his addiction to opioids  but now it has gotten worse and is an alcoholic.  This has caused an enormous strain on his homelife and now his wife is ready for a divorce and in turn he is severely depressed and his addiction has  worsened.  His focus on  life has begun to change drastically, he came from a well educated ex-military and director of nursing who would think of ways to make his department function well, with great ideas and great attitude to an addict.

Seeing this so regularly  has peeked my interest  and I have a lot to share based on this topic and how to overcome addiction! Let me know what I am missing here by leaving  me your comments and I will surely add it!

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